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The West Leaves Mummy's Basement, by Patrick Armstrong

The Unz Review 29 Jan 2022
And that is the dilemma that Moscow has been patiently preparing for you. On 17 December Moscow published two draft treaties ... Moscow has quite a range of options ... It is, of course, quite certain that Moscow has the next step worked out and the ones after that ... And China’s Foreign Minister advised Washington to take Moscow’s concerns seriously.

Coronavirus in Russia: The Latest News | Jan. 29

Moscow Times 29 Jan 2022
Under half the population is fully vaccinated ... Russia’s excess fatalities reached 995,000 by the end of 2021, according to Moscow Times’ analysis of official statistics ... Moscow does not plan to introduce new lockdown measures in response to the Omicron variant, the RBC news website reported, citing two sources close to the Mayor's Office.

Russia records historic population loss of more than a million people

Gulf News 28 Jan 2022
Moscow. Russia’s population declined by more than one million people in 2021, the statistics agency Rosstat reported Friday, a historic drop not seen since the collapse of the Soviet Union ... The new figures continue a downward trend from the previous year when Russia’s population fell by more than half a million.

Russia loses a million people in historic population fall

Urdu Point 28 Jan 2022
Moscow, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 29th Jan, 2022 ) .Russia's population declined by more than one million people in 2021, the statistics agency Rosstat reported Friday, a historic drop not seen since the collapse of the Soviet Union ... 2.1 necessary to renew the population.

Why is Turkey trying to mediate the Ukraine-Russia crisis?

Al Jazeera 28 Jan 2022
Russia has put about 100,000 soldiers near the Ukrainian border, raising fears among NATO members that Putin is planning an attack, in particular, to take eastern portions that have a large ethnic Russian population, where in the past Moscow has attempted to exert its influence.

Coronavirus in Russia: The Latest News | Jan. 28

Moscow Times 28 Jan 2022
Under half the population is fully vaccinated ... Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said Tuesday the capital was likely to see growing coronavirus cases for at least two more weeks, as the Omicron variant fuels a record rise in infections ... The Moscow Times is at the forefront of this coverage — and we need your support to do it.

Maybe the Story Is More Complex than Russia Bad, Canada Good

GlobalResearch 28 Jan 2022
Home to Moscow’s major Black Sea naval base, Crimea had long been part of Russia and the bulk of the population preferred Moscow’s rule to the post-coup right wing nationalist government in Kiev ... Moscow aided the movement but showed little interest in absorbing the newly proclaimed republics into Russia as many in the Donbas would have liked.

Russia's Darkest Hour: How Moscow suffered a humiliating defeat in its first Post-Soviet war

Russia Today 28 Jan 2022
The campaign, that lasted for 20 months, produced a devastating number of casualties on both sides and completely devastated the rebellious republic which surprised everybody by forcing Moscow to capitulate ... Nonetheless, if we look closely at how the war progressed, it will become clear why Moscow's defeat was to be expected and almost inevitable.

Sleepy Joe’s Wimpy Tail Wags the Dog of War

Antiwar 27 Jan 2022
The fact that the local population of the former in March 2014 chose fealty to the Grand Thief in Moscow over the ruffians and rabble that have seized Kiev amounts to a giant, “So what?”.

Moscow explains how Russia-China relations are affected by Western sanctions

Russia Today 26 Jan 2022
The West’s policy of imposing sanctions and threatening Moscow and Beijing with restrictive measures has not driven a wedge between the two, Russian Ambassador to China Andrey Denisov has said amid heightened tensions with Washington and its allies in Europe.

As I See It: Do we still believe in the right of our cause?

Albany Democrat Herald 25 Jan 2022
Once Russia attacks, make defending the Ukraine border just the start by pushing back the invaders all the way to Moscow ... NATO countries have a population of 1 billion people, compared to Russia’s 150 million people; a far richer economy; and better-equipped military forces.

Russia and China: It’s Complicated

The American Spectator 25 Jan 2022
Moscow looks on warily to Heilongjiang, the Chinese border province whose population singlehandedly dwarfs the headcount of the entire Russian Far East six times over, and sees a frightening future in which demographic and economic gravity pulls the sparse east into China’s orbit.

What Scenarios Might Emerge in Ukraine?

Moscow Times 24 Jan 2022
As Western countries recall diplomats from Kyiv amid fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, The Moscow Times asked experts what likely scenarios could emerge in the coming weeks ... In December, President Vladimir Putin accused Ukraine of committing “genocide” against the local Russian-speaking population.

A large-scale war between Russia and Ukraine would change the politics of the whole continent

Belfast Telegraph 24 Jan 2022
“By sending weapons to Ukraine, US is encouraging Kiev's aggressive actions against its own population in Donbas,” Moscow’s foreign ministry maintains ... Would they attempt to install a friendly regime or rule directly from Moscow?.

South Korea Culling 427,000 Chickens After New Bird Flu Outbreaks

Sputnik 23 Jan 2022
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Bird flu outbreaks have been registered ...